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"In a nutshell. Customer service was impeccable. Quick responses, and turn around time in less than a week. The construction and quality is stellar. Mounted perfectly in the area area I gave dimensions for. I've had the rack up for about a month now and it actually has helped my tattooing a bit due to having my entire catalog color directly in front of me and visible. Every shop and/or tattoo station should have one. 

Thanks again Matt"


Pony Lawson

MAYDAY! Tattoo Co.

Chicago, Illinois. 

"I love your system it looks great on the wall. I only have 2 suggestions, I received your rack with a bent corner. It looks like it must have been dropped during the shipping process probably by UPS. It was no big deal I bent it back with some pliers but maybe you guys should put some kind of protection around the corners of your rax when shipping them, like Styrofoam. The only other thing I would say is that I felt like it was a bit pricey but it was worth it to me to spend the money. But I can see it being a problem to other tattooers who aren't as fortunate.
Thank you so much I really enjoy your product"

Oscar Zornosa 
Stygian Gallery 

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